Popularity of P2.0PLE

Well, the course is currently undergoing local trials, and the external registration period is due to close tomorrow – and boy have we seen some interest there!  At the outset, we hoped to enlist roughly 20 members of the JISC community to take part in the course over a two week period.  Following a week and a half of registrations, we are amazed to say that inboxes are overflowing with responses – we even have a waiting list!!  As it stands, we plan to run three groups of 17 (51) through the course at the same time (moderating capacity permitting), with 14 hopefuls sitting on the bench, praying for a spot to open up.

It is more than encouraging to know that the time we have devoted to developing this resource has been well spent, since it is clearly in demand.  However, it is also clear that this type of course is lacking in-house at a great many institutions.  We really hope that, by making this course openly available, we can at fill at least some of this gap, and pass on the wealth of knowledge that so far has not been used to its full potential.

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